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Marriage is a pair of red nike heels, do not fit together only you know. This is a good analogy, how many kinds of nike heels there are many kinds of love. There are thousands of nike heels, crystal shoes, red shoes, sandals, sports shoes, leather shoes, high heels, Correspondingly, there are countless types of love, some love like a glass slipper, floating in the elusive myth ; some love like red shoes, landing on rotation in the dream stage; some love like sandals, four filled with the feelings of the cool breeze; some, like sports shoes, come and go; some love like shoes, require frequent rubbing keep bright; some love like 2013 nike heels, look beautiful, wear comfortable fit.

Some people say that youth is to waste, love is used to crush, love is used to contrast, marriage is used to down to earth to live. I think that many words contain some truth, love and marriage since it is down to earth, real, firmly Dangdang, you need a pair of beautiful high nike heels, high heels, is there any more secure than it? A long time, I think we do have a love heels Taste: elegant and charming, bearing impressive, elegant, beautiful, practical, reliable, warm and touching.

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Secondly, as to the eyes is creates the illusion of misunderstanding! When wearing high heels in the vision will have legs stretched. When the thickness under the condition of invariable will object extension will make people feel lengthened object becomes small, in fact, high-heeled shoes is the same reason!