About The 2013 Jordan Heels

Jordan heels UK re-emergence of a variety of new single-product, this high-heeled shoes have been emerging in the last year, but by 2009, cheap Jordan heels momentum like a "wind", as unstoppable income.
Fortunately, this one is no longer the wave of Jordan heels thin precarious, saying that white is stocky with thick, can carry a certain weight, not easily swing and tilt. Thick with stout solid, highly panoramic display, public opinion is the most co forefoot also been a corresponding thick and high, this design is really very humanity, highlighting the distressed woman, prefer a woman's warmth. Perhaps it would be inconvenient action, climbing the same foot, cross does not open, let alone stroll. Conversely Because walking is small, female talent Ping Ping Ting Ting, to fill the gap.

If Low nike heels becomes high after the end of the tape, and still kind of thin, suffering involvement would only be a foot long run Xuepao calluses continuous, when the new and old scars a wound to the toe shy Shique , embarrassed. Hey a face, neat a fresh clothing, eye-catching body, and it was an important detail to the confused terrible, we must sighed with regret.

2013 jordan heels with burly but not clumsy heel, vamp strap is broad-brush, seemingly simple ordinary, but play a key role mainstay. This year's highlights into almost every corner of the buckle is also distracting, and is metal, although some secular, the idea is to appease the people. There is a mesh bag, like sandals, windows all over, just like a fishing net, your feet seem to be network live, but deliberately carry out exhibitions. This network has been tied to above the ankle, very confused and full of flavor ahead.

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First of all, no matter the high-heeled shoes is it right? Really thin leg effect. But have to admit that when girls wear high heels that moment has superiority for tall, confident. The psychological effects are also manifested in the appearance, such as posture will be more tall and straight, more graceful posture. It will make people produce more tall feeling in the appearance in a certain extent.